Package edu.princeton.wordnet.ejb

Interface Summary
WordNetInterface Business methods common to Local and Remote

Class Summary
DBImplementation DBImplementation Isolates from dependencies on DBMS
DBQueryCommand Database query command
DocumentFragmentParser DOMFragmentParser build a document fragment from an XML fragment source that has not necessary a unique root element, or that may have text content around the root element(s).
LexDomainDef LexDomainDef, utility class to encapsulate lexdomain data
LexDomainEnumQueryCommand Query for lexdomain enumeration
Link Link, a linked synset
LinkDef LinkDef, utility class to encapsulate link data
LinkEnumQueryCommand Query for a link enumeration
LinksQueryCommand Query command for linked synsets
LinkTypesQueryCommand Query for link types
Mapping Id-name mappings
NodeFactory DOM node factory
Synset Synset
SynsetsQueryCommand Query command for synsets containing a given word
SynsetWordsQueryCommand Query command for words in synset
TypedLinksQueryCommand Query command for synsets linked through a given relation type
TypedSynsetsQueryCommand Query command for synsets of a given part-of-speech or lexdomain type and containing a given word
Word Word
WordNet Session Bean class WordNet
WordNetBeanImplementation Encapsulates bean implementation
WordQueryCommand Word query command